Technical documentation or Technical publications (tech pubs) refer to any type of documentation that describes the operation, functionality, and architecture of an end product. The intended end-user of the technical documentation is often a service or maintenance technicians who has some formal training and familiarity with the end-product that the technical documentation is addressing. The technical documentation focuses on providing enough information to a user to understand the operation and maintenance procedures required to operate or repair the subject end-product. Technical writing is the task of translating and streamlining usually complex engineering data into a final document geared toward the end-user’s reading comprehension level.

Our organizational structure and dedicated experts allow us to offer end-to-end Technical Publications management throughout the life cycle of your system or equipment. The Cambay Engineering has been providing Technical Documentation services for over 10 years and you can be assured that we can support your local or global programs for decades to come. The Cambay Engineering has over 150 staff members around the globe who are there to support all your technical documentation needs.

With more complicated products, manufacturers realize that there is an increasing demand for concise and customized documentation that can easily explain how to use, maintain, and service a product. However, companies face several challenges related to product documentation like: Growing complexity of products Shortened time to market constraints Need for localized documents due to global expansion reduced documentation budgets increased focus on customer satisfaction and product experience ? To be successful, companies need effective product documentation that clearly represents the product’s design, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and usability intent to key stakeholders across its lifecycle. Cambay technical publications services support a number of tools and technologies. These include, but are not limited to the following: Arbortext Editor Adobe FrameMaker MS Office XML editors Adobe PageMaker Quicksilver Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Corel DESIGNER CAD tools (SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, CATIA, UG, AutoCAD) Right Hemisphere eDrawings 3Dvia Authoring tools , Illustration tools.

Publications Management Services

  • End-to-end program and project management services for your publications activities
  • Full range of technical writing and revision services, as well as configuration management
  • Publications management

Writing and Updating of Technical Publications

  • Resources and expertise to exceed your most stringent publications requirements
  • Turnkey legacy documentation support services
  • Capable of developing complex procedures
  • Expertise in all aerospace technical publications (AMM, AIPC, ATP, CMM, FM, FIM SDS, SB, etc.)
  • Dedicated team for troubleshooting processes (FIM, FIP)

Graphic and Illustration Services

  • A full range of graphic and illustration services using the latest software
  • Vectorization of existing drawings
  • Creation of new illustrations from engineering drawings

Electronic Publishing Services

  • Experience with the latest in desktop publishing applications from Acrobat to the S1000D tool suite
  • Considerable experience in the production and formatting of manuals
  • Document can be delivered to you in any hardcopy or electronic form
  • Your reproducible will comply with all current industry or military standards
  • Build all the navigational links necessary in your documents to search and find the subject matter or information required in the shortest amount of time possible

Our Services

Technical Manuals

  • Operator Manuals
  • Repair and Service Manuals
  • KIT Installation Instructions
  • Standard Repair Time (SRT) Manuals/Service Manuals
  • Service Bulletins
  • Parts Catalog
  • Wiring Diagrams Manual
  • Body Repair Manuals

Technical Illustrations

  • 2D Line art / Artwork
  • Isometric Illustrations (exploded views)
  • Photo Cropping
  • Graphic Designing


  • Product Catalogue
  • Brochures
  • Marketing / Exhibition / Trade Show Collaterals

eLearning and ePublishing

  • Web-based and Computer-based training
  • Multilingual Courseware
  • Interactive e-Books/Catalogs

XML & Legacy

  • DTP/XML, Translated content formatting
  • Re-branding and Format Conversion

Our Credentials

For a leading Agricultural equipment manufacturer, we supported the development of Operator Manual, Service Manual and Standard Repair Time (SRT) for launching a new product into a new market (China).Our team was involved at  a stage at which the design maturity of the vehicle was 70%. Using our blended execution model we were able to reduce the operation costs by 30% and deliver the manuals with 100% compliance to quality within a time frame of 8 months.

Since 2009 we have supported a Market leading Construction Equipment manufacturer in technical publications across 6 locations in 3 geographic regions and successfully executed this work from our offshore center in India. Over a period we have standardized the process and practices thereby increased customer’s operational efficiency by 20% across all regions in terms of reusability, consolidation of tools and standardizing systems

For a leading off -highway equipment manufacturer, we supported in updating all legacy technical information from various sources to customer’s proprietary content management system. We project managed the complete global migration of 200,000+ pages of technical information and  350,000+ illustrations (supported in 4 continents across 12 locations) in a time span of 2 years. While migrating the information we also analyzed the content and mapped the applicability and re-usability of the information thereby reusing 30% of the information which resulted in 25% cost and lead time reduction.